Open-source software
  • Estimating multi-class dynamic origin-destination demand through a forward-backward algorithm on the computational graph, Github.
  • A general formulation for multi-modal dynamic traffic assignment considering multi-class vehicles, public transit and parking, Github.
  • Mobility Data Analytics Center - Prediction, Optimization, and Simulation toolkit for Transportation Systems, short as MAC-POSTS. I also called it MINAMI. GitHub, Documentation
  • Sustainable Solar Micro Cold Stores and Market Analytics tool for Indian Farmers, website.
  • Estimating multi-year 24/7 origin-destination demand using high-granular multi-source traffic data, GitHub
  • A General Formulation for Multi-modal Dynamic Traffic Assignment Considering Multi-class vehicles, Public Transit and Parking, GitHub
  • MAC-CONGESTION: Web based Traffic Congestion Animation Tool, Github.
  • A Cloud-based System and Browser-based User Interfaces for Dynamic Transportation Network Simulation and Scenario Analysis, to appear
  • Route-Finding for Cyclists Through User-Driven Heuristics, to appear